Bank Guarantee-i

  • Performance Bond to fulfill contract requirement.
  • Packaged with Factoring-i facility.

"Please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet below for further details of the Factoring-i and Credit-i Facilities."
Product Disclosure Sheet for Factoring-i and Credit-i Facilities

Application Requirements

  • Limited company and private company with minimum shareholder fund of RM100 thousand.
  • Not less than 2 years of operation.
  • Has contract with the government or government related company.

How to apply?

Please provide the following documents:-
  • Company's profile
  • Information of Shareholders
  • Information of Board of Directors & Management Executives
  • Form 24 & 49
  • Memorandum & Article Of Association
  • Audited Account – the latest 2 years
  • Management Account – current period
  • Supporting documents e.g. employment contract
  • Description of assets/equipment to finance e.g. invoice, quotation or brochure



Contact us for further details :

En Harman Saringat (Head Of Business, Pembangunan Leasing Corporation)
Nalini Munusamy (Head Team 1)
Pn Nurul Hana Mohamad Zin (Head Team 2)
En Ahmad Tarmizi Tamleha
Pn Syafiqah Razid
Pn Zailia Halijah Zailan
Pn Nik Nur Diana Nik Ismail
Syazwani binti Razali